A Beginner’s Friendly Certification Program in Bug Bounty to offer 100% Live Trainings and assured Bug bounty projects. Get your first bounty, Learn the core of web application penetration testing and get 100% hands on training to identify over 60+ vulnerabilities. This course is especially developed for the students having ZERO knowledge of Web application penetration testing.  This certification shall open up the possibilities to apply for freelancing projects, work part-time as a Bug Bounty Hunter and much more.

We offer 24/7 in person handholding support, Weekly counselling sessions, Daily Live sessions and 2 assured Internship experience throughout the course. You shall be getting direct benefits worth INR 60,000 for Absolutely free of cost. You shall be getting daily assignments, Weekly practical and regular progress report to analyse your growth.

By the end of this course, you shall be an expert in the Web Penetration and eligible to utilize your skills on real bug bounty platforms such as Bugcrowd, HackerOne etc,

DURATION: 2 Months

What will you Learn?

Basic Steps to get you started
Finding bugs/vulnerabilities in web applications
Special tips & tricks to level-up your game
Learn to leverage your vulnerability to increase its severity level
Making a great PoC and Report
Learn to chain the vulnerabilities

Curriculum (for 2 Months)


Basic Steps to get you started

- Burpsuite configuration and setup
- Learning about Dirb, GoBuster, Nikto and other tools
- Setting up Labs like OWASPJuiceShop and WebGoat
- Learning about web technologies
- Learning about basic Javascript
- Some useful browser extensions and websites
- Building the mindset and Idealogy
- Learning about different attack methodologies


Low Level Vulnerabilities

- HTML injection
- Missing SPF and DMARC record
- Using Component of Outdated version
- Session Fixation and No Account Lockout
- ClickJacking
- HTTP Request Smuggling- Open URL redirection


Intermediate Level Vulnerabilities

- Host Header Injection
- OTP bypass- Insecure CORS Configuration
- Client-Side request forgery
- XXE - XML External Entity Injection
- No Rate Limit vulnerability
- Business Logic Flaws
- Weak Encryption Vulnerability
- Web Cache Poisoning- Insecure Deserialization
- CMS Vulerabilities


High Level Vulnerabilities

- Directory traversal
- Server-Side Template Injection
- File-Upload Vulnerabilities
- Account Takeover
- XSS - Cross Site Scripting
- Authentication Bypassing
- SQL injection
- OS command Injection
- Subdomain Takeover
- Server-Side request forgery
- Sensitive Data Exposure
- Critical File Found
- Data tampering


Bonus Learning

- Trick to hunt on HackerOne and BugCrowd
- Learn reporting vulnerabilities to Government
- Report vulnerabilities on Private Programs
- Learn Report Writing and PoC making
- Useful resources to take help
- Useful communities and forums to connect with



Get 100% access to all the Bonuses and Benefits worth INR 60,000 along with the Three months access to the course. You shall be receiving a verified digitally signed Certification and Lifetime access to the recordings of Live sessions absolutely FREE.

PAY ONLY ₹ 11,999/-
(GST included)


We are here to ease the financial burden and thus, we are offering Monthly subscription to this course exclusively to you. This offer is only valid till 5th October and shall be removed post due date.Get Full Access to the course + Verified Certificate + Lifetime access to the recordings

PAY 6,699/- MONTHLY (for 2 months only)
(GST included)

Next Steps to Follow


Post successful payment, you shall be receiving an email having an automated Invoice and link to access the Exclusive Discord community.


Daily sessions shall be scheduled on Zoom and the link shall be shared on discord 30 minutes before the session. You are free to Interact live with the mentor


All the benefits and Bonuses shall be waiting for you in the Offering channel of Discord. Click the links and get full access to each of them.


The regular tasks, assignments, projects and Internship updates shall be shared on separate channels of the Discord community. You’d be able to apply for all the freelancing opportunities as well.