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Are you ready to witness the most affordable and reliable learning Experience? A one stop solution to Learn and Earn together, while getting real time global standard projects.

 TechHack Technologies is India’s First Cyber Security Training Firm to provide Absolute Live and practical environment to learn, earn and grow simultaneously. We have an objective to deliver 100% live and global standard experience to learn the core of Cyber security. 

We offer Live Training Courses from Beginner Level to Advance Level so you could learn Hassle free without changing the platform. It is our responsibility to train you regularly and provide assured Internship and Freelancing opportunities throughout the course. With each course, you will get tons and tons of benefits to empower your learning curve. 

We have the commitment to offer the most affordable and reliable trainings thus, please be assured that you won’t find any other platform offering such prices with such vast pool of opportunities.Our Mentors have over 3+ years of experience and trained more than 800+students so far!! Refer to the testimonials section to know more.

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I was interested in cyber security from 10th class but I had no any mentor who could guide me in cyber security.Then during the college vacations I joined the CEH training course offered here.After 3-4 classes, I observed that he teaches us as a friend and so there is an interactive environment and not one full of hesitative vibes.


I had an enormous keen in learning Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. It has not been even two months and I have effectively done a lot with his course and saw the huge change in me. The motivation and trainings have been greatly helpful and I love how TechHack gives an arranged and a described course with an efficient value which even a normal person can afford.


I feel very happy to have joined TechHack as I have got to learn and explore so much into the cyber-security field. I specially love how our instructor helps each one of us to grow independently and not spoon fed. He helps us at each step and this has been the greatest learning course.
Never seen such an interactive one!


I joined this training with a small vision of being a cyber security expert in future and this course helped me to learn and refine my skills.
From then, I have reported 10+ vulnerabilities to the Indian Govt. and 4+ vulnerabilities to private companies.


Joining TechHack course really helped me a lot in developing my hacking skills. TechHack provides a structured and well defined course with an economical price which even an average person can afford.


The courses are really educative and go smoothly. At the end of the day, I do not feel like I just took a lecture from a trainer, rather I feel like I have spent some quality time with a friend learning something new.


◾Our best students have reported over 45+ vulnerabilities to the Government of India and received honest appreciation.
◾They have created over 5+ unique dorks for GOOGLE Hacking Database.
◾They have successfully discovered over 10+ vulnerabilities in the very beginning of training.
◾They are quite active on the biggest Bug Bounty platforms of the world and continuously helping firms securing their applications.

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